Forensic Investigation Into Alleged Fraud

Forensic investigation into alleged fraud, be it corporate or individual has never been and will never be a trivial matter. With the credibility, reputation and values of the parties involved at stake, internal probe into alleged wrongdoings by employees or even management must be done with maximum carefulness and discreteness.

This investigation usually involves collection of information on a number of role players ranging from Directors, Managers, IT professionals, Human resources, Legal and Accounting to customers, vendors, shareholders and also fellow employees. Our team is a front liner in such investigations.

At heliumforensics we provides fraud and forensic investigative and compliance services for all types of organizations with alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct, or other improprieties. Our credentialed engagement teams combine deep industry experience with fraud and forensic accounting expertise to help clients mitigate the risks, costs and effects of fraud, abuse and corruption.

Audit committee investigations, including Section 10A Asset tracing Board advisory services Corporate internal investigations, including cross-border investigations Compliance assessments and reviews Customized training Data analytic services, including continuous audit and monitoring using robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning, when possible Development of crisis management plans that includes response and management of the event Economic damage and lost profit calculations Expert witness and litigation services Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and anti-bribery investigations, program reviews and audits Forensic Accounting Fraud risk management, fraud risk assessments, and other anti-fraud services Mediation and arbitration Monitoring, deferred prosecution agreement support, and assistance with other regulatory matters Third party risk management and audits Whistleblower and Qui Tam investigations

Solving clients’ unique problems and navigating uncertainty

As a leader in forensic investigations, we help our clients manage the risks of operating in a global business environment. Our clients face threats everyday that come from global corruption, fraud committed from within their organizations, and fraud perpetrated by external parties. We help our clients address allegations of financial fraud, respond to and investigate whistleblower complaints, respond to requests from government regulators, and present the facts of our investigations. The magnitude and outcome of a forensic investigation is always uncertain at the start. We advise our clients as they navigate through this uncertainty until complete resolution of the issue.

Preventing and detecting fraud

Our experience conducting fraud investigations allows us to advise our clients on measures they can take to prevent fraud from occurring and detect issues before they expand. Our clients look to us to design anti-fraud programs and controls, perform anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance assessments, and perform proactive fraud examinations to identify possible red flags or indicators of fraudulent activity. Correcting deficiencies, addressing gaps in controls, and remediation of specific issues is important at the end of every investigation to prevent the same or similar frauds from recurring. We address these important client needs at the end of our investigations and can assist with implementing remedial actions.

Trusted advisors

Organizations want advisors they can trust to assist them through their most sensitive business issues. Clients count on us because we combine our deep financial acumen with a collaborative approach to addressing their most urgent needs. We are present at the table with our clients alongside government regulators in high stakes “bet-the-company” matters to provide objective, fact-based findings on very sensitive investigation matters. We have built a strong reputation of supporting our clients from the identification of their issues through heliumforensics for more